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Shambapro is Rwanda’s leading agritech company focused on helping farmers to build and run profitable sustainable farm businesses. We use practical farming knowledge and skills coupled with the latest technology to help increase the quality and quantity of production and hence improve farmers’ incomes and livelihoods.

Save money & time

Quality Affordable Farm Inputs

Seeds, fertilizers, agrochemicals, farm equipment etc.

Shambapro helps farmers access the widest variety of high quality farm inputs available in Rwanda at the most affordable prices.
Order farm inputs on Rwanda’s FIRST EVER Online Farm Inputs Platform at

Our farmer advisors help farmers make quick decisions physically in the field or remotely through phone calls, text messages or WhatsApp messages.
Farmers can order goods wherever they are, pay by mobile money or other means and have goods delivered to them wherever they are.

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Improve productivity and efficiency

Shambapro Farm Services

Our services help you to start and improve your journey to commercial farming.

Soil Tests

Get a soil test & know the soil health of your farm before planting to make sure you know what to plant & which or how much fertilizer to add.

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Tractor Hiring

Hire or rent a tractor to cultivate and prepare your land for the planting season anywhere across Rwanda.

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Kitchen Gardens

Start your farming journey in a simple affordable way with our urban home vegetable gardens to supply your kitchen today

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Farm Field Days

Attend our one-day practical commercial farming training workshop to learn best agriculture practices from existing model farms.

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Farm Management

Shambapro App

Better & More Accurate Control Systems & Decision Making


Shambapro is building a smart farming application that help farmers to run profitable and sustainable farm businesses across Africa.

Our Beta testing will begin in March 2021 and is reserved for interested individuals, companies or organizations who own or manage commercial farms. Selected clients who participate in this program will enjoy premium benefits for free for one year after the beta testing program.

Our target market for this program are from Rwanda, Kenya and Uganda. Exceptional commercial farms outside our target areas will be considered on a case by case basis

To sign up for the Shambapro App beta testing program, leave your email address below.

About Us

The Company

Shambapro is a next-generation agritech company based in Kigali, Rwanda that helps farmers in Africa to build and run profitable sustainable farm enterprises.

Our Hybrid Farm Input Ordering Platform offers easy and convenient access for farmers to access quality farm inputs across Rwanda.

Our Shambapro Farm Services help farmers to access important services like soil testing, tractor hiring/renting, farm field days where they can learn from existing model farms etc.

Our Shambapro Farmer Advisors help farmers in their fields during farmer events and online through phone calls, WhatsApp and other social media to help farmers make major decisions about their farm businesses.

Our upcoming Shambapro App will use big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning to help our farmers get accurate agronomic and business insights and be able to make decisions faster based on real and true information.

The start-up was founded in 2018 by Kelvin Odoobo, after over ten years of working with, trying to understand the challenges with small scale farmers across Africa and attempting to provide lasting solutions to these challenges.

Our Team

Kelvin Odoobo


Fabrice Stunner

Head of IT

Martin Busobozi

Head of Agriculture


The people who help us to make it happen

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